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You are the Revolution

ImageSpring is here, and I’ve been going through a metamorphosis.  I believe I’ve been in my cocoon for most of my life.  Over the past week, my shell has split.  I’m in the process of struggling free.


This is what I’ve realized:

1.  We’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere, folks. We have been hypnotized into a fog of consumer malaise.  The average American will watch NINE YEARS of television by their 65th birthday. Raised on a steady diet of commercials, we are convinced that buying the newest doo hickey will make our lives that much better.  This is patently not true, as studies show that it is experiences that give us the longest term satisfaction and that spending money on others gives us the highest return on investment.


2.  Our wholesale purchase of the current consumer model makes us miserable.  Like mice, we stay on a treadmill to earn enough money to purchase things we are programmed to believe will give our lives pleasure and meaning.  As we work more and commit our time to activities which take us away from our friends and family, we are way too busy to stop and take the time to figure out if our actions are in line with our beliefs and our desires.  Heck, we don’t even really know what we want!

3.  We feel like we are forced to make decisions that go against our deeply held beliefs — we work late even though we know we should be spending more time at home, we order out because we are tired and cooking would tax the last of our energy reserves.  We buy goods from companies that exploit their workers.  We eat food that is so removed from nature that we our bodies cannot fully digest it.

4.  We are fucking miserable.  And because we miserable, we spend the little free time we have trying to escape our realities.  As we plug into our TVs, gossip columns, our Facebook, we open our minds again to the advertisements that keep us hooked on the promise of a better tomorrow through the purchase of some object today.

5.  We feel powerless to change this.  We feel that we’ve bought into this culture and its value system, and there is no way to escape.  We hate our co workers and our neighbors because we have lost the ability to be compassionate.  We blame the Powers That Be for the state of the economy and the environment, but refuse to make changes in our own lives.  We have given up our civic power and bought the the idea that we have no political power because we are ill educated on the issues and, frankly, we don’t have the time or the energy to get organized and to do something about it.


This is shit.

And it has to change.

Now.  With you.

You are the revolution.  You can get up today or tomorrow or next week and say No.  I will not watch this crappy television show because I am what I eat.  I will not buy this stupid thingamabob because it will NOT make me happier in the long run.  I will not join this activity that brings me little pleasure because life is too short for me to waste my time doing things for form’s sake. I will figure out what my values are, and I will try my best to lead a life in line with those values.  I will foster community.  I will love myself and those around me.  I will get together with my co-workers and figure out how to make your workplace a more inviting, positive environment.  Or I will start that job search.  I will ignore all the haters, the doubters, and the energy vampires that will call you an idealistic wacko.  Fuck em. 



Because our culture is totally unsustainable and it is killing us.  And I’m not just going to sit around and take it. 


Are you?



Ode to the Late Bloomers

Ode to the Late Bloomers

Spider lilies bloom on winter’s doorstep

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